How to maintain your leather bag for a lifetime!

02/01/2020 2 By Zellaash

We always suggest investing in at least one genuine leather bag. The leather has a rich texture, looks pretty radiant, sturdy and is durable for longer periods but if not properly taken care off can deteriorate within a few months of buying. Now we wouldn’t want to throw away an expensive piece so we will tell you how to maintain your leather to use it for longer periods or for a lifetime! Use these hacks and you can keep the shine on your leather bag intact.

  • Keep your leather clean:

Now you already know this rule but it becomes quite crucial in case of leather. Genuine leather has the capacity to absorb oil, and dirt from surroundings that can leave a pretty visible stain on your bag. This greatly affects the aesthetic appearance leather is known for. So, after every use, clean your bag with a damp cloth. Don’t use an excess of water because it will take a long time to dry your bag. Take special care of your zips, chain and buckle as well as they might start to rust.

  • Use leather specified cleaners:

There might be many fabric cleaning products available in the market which have harmful chemicals that will destroy your leather, therefore, chose leather specific cleaners and conditioners. Use leather cleaner in small amounts. Gently apply the cleaner with your hand or a brush. After leaving it for a few minutes, gently wipe the cleaner off. Apply leather conditioner to make it supple and soft.

  • Fill your bag when not in use:

When your bag is not in use, fill it with old newspaper or bubble wrap to maintain its fullness and original shape. If you skip this step, your bag will deflate with time and start to form creases which you definitely don’t want on your bag.

  • Preserve your bag with great care:

Check every compartment of your bag and empty it. Detach all the straps with the bag. Take a dry cloth and clean the interior of the bag, zips and straps. Wrap your bag in a spare plastic sheet and place it in a horizontal position in a relaxed position and store it in a dry and clean place.

  • Keep your bag protected with special coatings:

Leather is very permeable and easily absorbs oils and water. The most difficult part is to extract it out. So, avoid using it in bad weather such as on rainy days. However, if you still want to use your bag, coat it with beeswax cream or protective sprays which might be effective for a short period of time. Still, it is highly recommended no to use your bag in such weather conditions.