Essential bags every woman should have / The only bags you need in your life!!!

02/01/2020 0 By Zellaash

No matter where we are or what we do, we need a bag to carry all our essentials; we can’t seem to forget our lip balm behind, now can we ladies? Bags are such an important accessory that matching it with even a causal outfit will elevate your overall look by hundred folds! And among hundreds of varieties, you might be filling your wardrobe with only one type of bag which doesn’t work with every occasion or your bags are taking up more space than your clothes in which case your clothes might feel a little left out, we will tell you what kind of bags you actually need to fill your closets with! But between us, there is no such thing as too much bags!

Keeping the need in mind, here is a complete list of bags you need in your daily life:

  • A good ol’ leather handbag:

This is your daily to use a bag which can be made from any material but it is preferable to get one of genuine leather. Leather bags are an excellent choice or a handbag due to its soft texture and durability in the long run. Not only they can hold all your daily items like wallet, snack, makeup and keys, they are also a perfect fit for the office use so get one of these and define your style.

  • A crossover bag:

This bag is perfect for days when you go out with your friends and only want basic essentials. This bag has a small space with large straps usually buckle or chains which allows movement while keeping your things closed. Its looks super chic with your casual jeans t-shirt outfit and is perfect for days when you want a handsfree bag.

  • An evening purse:

Evening purse is rectangular clutch with dazzling colours adorned with diamantes and stones. Some evening purse comes with a chain strap while mostly are handheld.  Whether you are opting for a fancy evening as a date or a party time at the club, an evening clutch comes in very handy. During both of these occasions, you don’t need a purse that holds you down. The evening purses in basic metallic colours such as gold or silver easily matches your outfit so make sure to get one of these.

  • A duffle bag:

Your wardrobe must have at least one duffle bag. Duffle bags are ideal for holding a couple of suits if you are going to your friends for a sleepover, or to spend a night away at your parents. Get them in solid colours such as brown or black and look for the multiple compartments so you can put multiple things in it. Get one on the smaller side and with straps you can easily hold while keeping your fashion high.